Sapphire reveals 14-GPU mining solution, confirms PSU ambitions

June 11, 2018 | 19:20

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Sapphire has revealed the Inca CS-14 enterprise mining solution while also confirming that it intends to start selling Sapphire-branded power supplies before the end of the year.

The Inca CS-14 leverages the current cryptocurrency mining trend to deliver a full, warranty-backed solution to those hoping to profit from it. The heart of the machine is the set of seven custom dual-GPU cards made by Sapphire itself, with each card effectively a dual-GPU version of the RX 470 8GB. The hash rate for Ethereum mining is claimed to be around 400MH/s give or take five percent and power consumption should be around 2,000W, again with a five percent tolerance. It uses dual 1,600W PSUs and is about as big as a mid-tower chassis laid flat on its side.

Openly admitting that it’s seeking to diversify its product portfolio, Sapphire has also confirmed that it will commence shipping Sapphire-branded power supplies before the year is out. Since it is not a manufacturer of power supplies itself, it will, like many others, be tweaking and rebranding existing designs from those who are. Exactly what form the PSUs will take remains to be seen.

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