Sapphire teases Atomic water-cooled HD 7990 6GB

Written by Harry Butler

June 4, 2013 | 12:39

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Companies: #sapphire

While much of the graphics market might be focused on Nvidia's new 7-series right now, AMD partner Sapphire is still flying the Radeon flag, and showed off a prototype of a water-cooling HD 7990 6GB here at Computex 2013.

The custom PCB card uses three 8-pin PCI-E connectors in a similar fashion to the Club3D HD 7990 6GB we looked at last year, but replaces the huge 3-slot cooler with a svelte single slot copper water block. A stylish black heatspreader also covers the back of the card. Similarly, a snazzy looking heatspreader covered the motherboard and CPU.

Connected to the waterblock was a dual-120mm fan, 60mm thick water cooling radiator and a 5.25in drive bay reservoir, with Sapphire unsure of whether to sell the card as a do-it-yourself kit and have users self-fill the loop, or to launch it as a closed-loop liquid cooled card in the vein as its previous Atomic branded premium cards.

Sapphire teases Atomic water-cooled HD 7990 6GB Sapphire teases water-cooled HD 7990 6GB

Either way, pricing is likely to be well in excess of £1,000 only see a limited release in the same fashion as crazy-but-cool cards like Asus' Ares 2.
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