SilverStone debuts Thunderbolt external graphics card case

Written by Edward Chester

June 6, 2013 | 15:58

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SilverStone has demonstrated a new external graphics card chassis that can be used to add desktop graphics card power to any Thunderbolt-equipped computer.

The as yet unnamed product can house any current graphics card, a Thunderbolt to PCI-E interface board and an SFX-size power supply to power the card. Simply fit the hardware and plug into any PC with a Thunderbolt port - yup, even a MacBook Air - and it will provide that graphics processing power to the attached device.

By providing this amount of processing power to a laptop, for many people there will be little need to have a main gaming PC anymore. Also, unlike SilverStone's other eye-catching innovation here (the pumpless liquid cooler) at Computex 2013, this device will be coming to market in the not too distant future.

The device itself has a a design that is likely to split opinion a little, with it arguably resembling a bin. However, in the flesh it looks very nice and exudes quality thanks to its liberal use of thick sheets of aluminium.

SilverStone debuts Thunderbolt external graphics card case SilverStone external graphics card case debuted, changes game forever

Inside, the graphics card is mounted vertically, giving the whole device a footprint only around 25cm. Air is drawn in from the bottom of the case and exhausted out the top, where the outputs for the card and mains cable input for the power are situated; cables are routed through a hole in the back and a top piece pushes into place over these to keep things tidy.

We've seen plenty of external graphics solutions in our time but this is the first time that all the pieces seem truly to be in place - the external part is fully upgradeable while the connection is universal. We cannot simply wait to see this product come to market.
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