Green Gadgets Competition winner announced

Written by Antony Leather

April 14, 2011 | 15:04

Companies: #green-gadgets

Our recent Green Gadgets LP-170 contest is now over, and we've picked a winner.

Torgny Karlsson, otherwise known as The_Gnu in our forums, has been selected as the modder to receive this awesome prize. He's already graced Mod of the Month twice with his ongoing projects ProtoHype and GET A LIFE, both of which are hugely popular in our Project Logs forum.

Torgny describes his potential project as 'a "levitating" ball-shaped mini PC. The outer surface of the ball will be covered with different length/shaped aluminium rods, making it look like an exploding ball or a ball covered in crystals.'

He says the mod will feature a polished, cast aluminium case, while rods will provide passive cooling. He plans to use the machine as both an office PC and an 'interactive sculpture.'

Given the unique style of his current projects, we can't wait to see what Torgny creates. We would like to thank Green Gadgets for sponsoring the competition, and also wish the best of luck to Torgny with his new project.

Have you considered building a PC using a pico-ITX or mini-ITX motherboard? Do you have a favourite mod or scratch-built PC that used one? Let us know in the forums.
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