Guide to building a performance system by Corsair

Written by Wil Harris

January 27, 2006 | 15:14

Tags: #guide #performance #system

Companies: #corsair

The guys at Corsair have put together a pretty good guide to building your own high performance system. Some of the info in there will be pretty elementary to a lot of you guys, but there's actually some useful stuff in there too that you might not know.

Obviously, the memory stuff is done pretty well, and there's some decent information in there - especially if you're not 100% on timings and frequences.

Here's a quick quote:

"Keep in mind, when you’re doing this yourself, you’re going to want to take baby steps to find your maximum overclock. I jumped 19 Mhz in one go, but a lot of people go 5 Mhz at a time and test, then another 5 Mhz and test. When I overclock my home system, that’s what I do. For this example, for the case of brevity, I jumped right to 219 Mhz."

You can check out the full guide over at Corsair.

Did you find anything useful in there? Let us know what you think of the guide over in our forums.
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