Guitar Hero renders mice redundant?

Written by Joe Martin

July 18, 2008 | 12:44

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According to analysts, how you interact with your computer in the future could be a radically different experience than it is now and the days of the mouse and keyboard could be very numbered indeed. Want proof? Then look no farther than Guitar Hero, apparently.

According to a piece over on the BBC, analysts from Gartner predict that the mouse may be rendered redundant within three to five years based on the success of custom peripherals such as those seen in Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Instead, the somewhat hasty analysts seem to think that the future will involve "gestural computer mechanisms like touch screens and facial recognition devices."

Thankfully though, there is a voice of reason to all this and the admittedly biased Rory Dooley of Logitech could be heard piping up in favour of the mouse.

"The devices we use have been modified for our changing lifestyles but it doesn't negate the value of the mouse," Mr Dooley explained.

Dooley pointed out that, since the majority of the world still has to get online with decent connections then the gloomy predictions for the mouse are wildly off target.

"Bringing technology, education and information to these parts of the world will be done by accessing web browsers and doing that in the ways that we are familiar with today and that is using a mouse.

"There are around one billion people online but the world's population is over five billion,
" he said.

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