HIS launches PCI Radeon X1300 with dual DVI

Written by Tim Smalley

November 2, 2006 | 14:59

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Earlier this year, Visiontek launched the world’s first PCI-based Radeon X1000-series video card. HIS has also been working on its own PCI-based Radeon X1000-series card too.

Both of the cards are low-profile Radeon X1300’s and are certainly not designed with performance in mind. However, unlike Visiontek’s card, the HIS card uses a passive cooling solution and also comes with a pair of DVI ports.

Not only that, but one of the DVI ports is dual-link, meaning that you’ll be able to connect one of Dell’s 30” behemoths to this rather inexpensive charmer.

Dual-link DVI ports are starting to roll out across ATI and NVIDIA’s product lines, because both companies are anticipating an increasing demand for these ultra-high resolution displays in the coming months.

Obviously the card comes with all of the usual Radeon X1000-series features including Avivo support to help offload HD video decoding and capture from the CPU. However, it’s not clear whether the card comes with HDCP support at the moment, but we’re attempting to find out. Whether it has or hasn’t got support for HDCP, it could be an ideal solution to put in a low-cost home brew media center.

Speaking of which, we’re told that the card is expected to retail at around £75 excluding VAT in the UK when it does get here. That’s a little bit more expensive than we were expecting, but given the fact that it is probably the fastest PCI-based video card out there, it isn’t all that bad. The card should be available at online retailers in the very near future.
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