Intel 975 board supports SLI and CrossFire

Written by Wil Harris

September 14, 2005 | 07:59

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Intel's new 975 chipset and the accompanying desktop mainboards will support both SLI and Crossfire on the same board.

According to a report over at Anandtech, the 975 will sport a 'flexible PCI Express configuration'. There will be dual 16x lanes for the latest SLI boards, and these can be configured into dual 8x for CrossFire.

This is an exciting thing. This could be a killer board! Why tie yourself into either graphcis vendor platform when you can just have a board that does both? This is something Intel has needed for a long time - geniune innovation in the enthusiast space.

Anandtech also claims that the new Extreme Edition will be the 955 and will support Virtualization, run at 3.46GHz and have 4MB of L2 cache split across the two cores.

Could this finally be the thing that attracts gamers back to Intel? Give us your thoughts in the forums.
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