Intel Announces Brand Name For New Chips

Written by Tim Smalley

May 8, 2006 | 11:26

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Intel has announced the brand name for its upcoming desktop and mobile CPUs code-named Conroe and Merom. The chips will fall under the Core 2 Duo moniker.

At the end of April, Otellini revealed the company's plans to launch Conroe in July with Merom set to follow in August. He believes that the new Core 2 Duo products will give Intel a "sustainable industry lead in both performance and performance per watt."

There are already a large number of Core Duo/Napa-based notebook designs on the market, including Apple's MacBook Pro. It makes sense for Intel to brand the new products slighly differently, as one would hope that they're a bit faster than the current Core Duo chips.

The new products will have a somewhat complex alphanumeric product code based on a number of elements. The first element will be a letter detailing the power draw of the chip: "U" for ultra-low voltage (below 15W); "L" for low voltage (between 15 and 24W); "T" for standard mobile (between 25 and 55W); "E" for standard desktop chips (between 55 and 75W) and "X" for extreme (above 75W).

A numeric code will follow the power draw element - this is based on characteristics including CPU speed, cache, and the chips' suitability for Intel platforms like Centrino, Viiv and vPro. Conroe chips will make up the 4000 and 6000-series and the Merom chips will make up the 5000 and 7000-series chips. As we said, the model names are somewhat confusing - we'll have to do some decoding when the chips are officially launched.

There is no mention of how the company will name its Extreme Edition chips at the moment, but we believe that the high-end gaming chips will fall under the Core 2 Extreme nomenclature.

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