Intel announces mobile Core 2 Extreme

Written by Tim Smalley

July 17, 2007 | 17:05

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Last night Intel introduced its first mobile Core 2 Extreme dual-core processor for hardcore mobile gamers and also stated that battery-friendly quad-core processors for notebooks would be available next year.

In the bulletin sent out to press last night Mooly Eden, Intel’s vice president and general manager of the Mobile Platforms Group, stated that “Laptops are the fastest-growing computing market segment, and there is increasing demand from those who crave the ultimate in video, gaming and design computing performance yet want the freedom and flexibility that a laptop brings.”

The Core 2 Extreme X7800 hums along at 2.60GHz on an 800MHz front side bus and features 4MB of L2 cache. This is 200MHz faster than Intel’s Core 2 Duo T7700, which operates at 2.40GHz.

As a result of the higher clock speeds, Intel has set the X7800’s thermal design power at a fairly liberal 44W; this is up 10W from the T7700’s TDP – an equivalent of a 30 percent increase. What makes the Core 2 Extreme X7800 special is that, like its desktop cousins, it has a fully unlocked multiplier which means you can overclock it with a fairly minimal effort.

Notebook Italia (translator required) has already had the chance to play with one of these new CPUs and got it running up at 3.00GHz with almost no effort. That’s obviously going to increase power consumption and will result in a shorter battery life.

Pricing is set at $851 USD in 1000 unit boxes (probably around £500 inc. VAT if it’s sold off the shelf in the UK) and it hopefully won’t drive the prices of notebooks up too much when it starts to appear. However, no notebook manufacturers have officially unveiled designs featuring Intel’s new flagship mobile processor, so we’re going to have to play a waiting game.

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