Intel unveils new business platform - VPro

Written by Wil Harris

April 25, 2006 | 08:50

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Intel has announced a new platform for business computers, called VPro.

VPro joins Viiv, Intel's media platform and Centrino, its portable platform. Intel wants to sell entire architectures for computers, not just CPUs, and these platforms are its way of doing just that.

VPro consists of a Conroe CPU along with a next generation motherboard chipset. Crucial features include iAMT, Intel's remote management technology, along with sophisticated security and networking tech. Intel's new machines will be manageable from a remote location - even when experiencing a system crash - thanks to virtualization technology, which will keep crucial processes running away from the main user OS.

There will also be options for system builders to integrate graphics from NVIDIA, in the form of the 6200 TurboCache, which will enable the machines to run Windows Vista with the funky graphics turned on.

Intel is touting VPro as a low-power, high-efficiency platform. The Conroe CPU that will hum inside the desktop boxes is a heck of a lot less power-hungry than the Pentium 4 it replaces.

Many businesses are now buying laptops for employees to use as desktop computers that are portable, and Intel is no doubt hoping to get corporations to return to the more expensive days of buying a laptop and a desktop for users, rather than just one or the other.

Since VPro is based on Conroe, machines bearing its logo won't be tipping up until the second half of this year, but expect to see boxes from all the usual suspects including Dell, HP and Lenovo.

In the meantime, share some of your thoughts on Intel's move towards platforms over in our News Discussion forum.
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