Intel demonstrates first working 32nm chip

Written by Tim Smalley

September 18, 2007 | 18:56

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During this morning's opening keynote, Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed that the company's 32nm process is on track to begin production in 2009.

The company's next generation 32nm process uses second-generation high-k metal gate transistor technology, which will be an evolution of the current 45nm transistor design.

Otellini showed off the world's first fully functional microchips built using 32nm technology in the form of a 300mm wafer of 291Mbit SRAM chips. Although these didn't have any execution cores, it is nevertheless impressive to see 32nm already working.

What's more impressive though is the fact that each of these SRAM chips had over 1.9 billion transistors inside.

Otellini said that Intel will continue to execute its tick-tock strategy, meaning that the first processors to use this new technology will be an evolution of the Nehalem architecture.

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