Intel to release new enthusiast gear soon

Written by Wil Harris

August 25, 2005 | 18:26

Tags: #840 #cpu #enthusiast #extreme-edition #new #pentium #q4

Companies: #intel

We don't have concrete details but we do have some hints. Intel isn't done on this year's high-end releases - there is more gear to come.

Secret sources, out here at IDF, have been talking to us about the company's plans for the next three months.

They have hinted that there will be a new Extreme Edition CPU coming in the next couple of months. Like the existing 840, it will be dual core, with Hyper Threading. It will possibly sport a higher clock speed and more cache.

There will also be a new chipset, we think. We expect it to be little more than a revision of the 955X, because we're not sure exactly what it could include that the 955X doesn't already have.

However, if we're right, we think there's also going to be a new motherboard based on the chipset, which should sport more enthusiast features. It was hinted that there may be a slightly better version of the 'burn-in' overclocking mode currently found on some high-end boards, and we will certainly see dual graphics slots for CrossFire support.

We will have our moles digging like crazy to bring you more details but for now, chew on those thoughts for a bit and let us know your musings in the forum.
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