Intel unveils 'Golden Gate' concept VIIV system

Written by Wil Harris

August 24, 2005 | 23:35

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Intel has shown off a new concept PC designed to exemplify what might be possible with the new VIIV platform.

Codenamed 'Golden Gate' (after San Francisco, we presume) and decked out in a tasteful shade of yellow, it's a quiet, small form factor PC designed to sit in the living room.

Inside is a Pentium M chip, rather than a Pentium 4. This enables it to be so small, with a noticeable lack of fans. The Pentium M is a next-gen chip, codenamed Yonah.

On the backplate of the Intel motherboard its easy to see DVI out, TV out, audio and USB and LAN connectors.

This is just one in what we assume is a line of concepts for VIIV PCs. The most interesting thing about this concept - it's the first official endorsement by Intel of Pentium M on the desktop, suggesting a sidestep away from Pentium 4.

Think this looks sweet? Let us know!

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