Intel officially unveils its leap ahead

Written by Wil Harris

January 3, 2006 | 19:05

Tags: #branding #core-duo #intel-inside #logo #viiv

Companies: #intel

Intel has pulled the covers off its new branding theme. 'Intel inside' is almost dead, with the new motto being 'Intel: Leap ahead'.

Intel shipped us over some hi-res images of the new logos, which we have duly reproduced for you. Of note is the new Centrino logo which will debut alongside Yonah, the new Pentium M chip with dual core, due for release on the 6th. The Pentium Extreme Edition logo will accompany the new Presler chip which we looked at last week.

As we landed at McCarran airport in Vegas, we spotted that Intel had got some banners up all over the airport promoting the new chips. We've duly snapped some of those too. Intel's website has also had an appropriate facelift.

Intel is going to be unveiling some new stuff when Paul Otellini delivers a keynote speech here at CES on Thursday. We'll be there to bring you the lowdown - in the meantime, enjoy the pics, and let us know what you think of Intel's new branding in the forums.


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