Chrimbo - iPod pants are the new socks

Written by Wil Harris

December 13, 2005 | 09:41

Tags: #boxers #ipod #play #stretch

It's the age old problem. You wake up on Christmas day, all excited to find out what Santa has managed to smuggle down the chimney for you. Is it a PSP? Maybe a Xbox 360?

No. It's socks and some deodorant.

Well, if the close people in your life have to buy you sensible things, why not ask for these? They're boxer shorts with a mini pouch for you to store your iPod in at night. We're not sure exactly why you'd want to do this, but perhaps you like to fall asleep listening to music, and you're worried that your musical companion might fall out of bed.

Perhaps it's the ultimate anti-mugging device - you might have the tell-tale white earbuds, but there's a slim chance of ne'er-do-wells heading in there to grab your iPod. They might get rather more than they bargained for.

They have the added bonus of a handy get-out-clause for all those men who think it's pleasant to scratch in public - "I was just changing tracks on my iPod." Yeah, right.

The boxers are comfortable stretch lycra, and come in a range of iPod-esque bright colours. Plus, if you buy two pairs, you get a gift certificate for three songs at the iTunes store.

Of course, you might have to be careful if someone asks you what you got for Christmas. Some people get offended if you show your pants in public.

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