iPod Mini going all flash, up to 8GB

Written by Wil Harris

September 5, 2005 | 13:22

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Companies: #apple #samsung

Just a quickie. According to ThinkSecret, the source of almost all the Mac rumours on the net, Apple is preparing an update to its iPod Mini lineup.

Apparently due to be revealed at the Apple Expo Paris on September 20, the new Minis will be available in 4, 6 and 8GB capacities. Rather than using hard drives, as they have previously, the new Minis will be all-flash affairs. The 8GB will use two 4GB Samsung flash drives.

Cost isn't expected to change a whole lot, but the 8GB will probably cost the same as the 20GB full size iPod. It seems that people are prepared to pay more for the size difference and the extra splash of colour.

No news on any new colours, but the size of the Mini is set to drop due to the size difference between the hard drive in the current models and the flash in the new ones. This may mean the new Mini is around 20% smaller.

It will also sport a colour screen with a higher resolution.

As a 1st-gen Mini owner, I'm rather excited by this, the first real update to the line... Let us know if you are too.
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