iPod nano gets killed

Written by Wil Harris

September 12, 2005 | 08:03

Tags: #ars #flash #hard-drive #ipod #mini #nano #shock

Companies: #apple #test

Talk about a waste of a perfectly good iPod! The crew at Ars Technica have taken a brand spanking new iPod nano and put it through a gruelling series of drop tests to test its durability.

Technically, the flash memory in the nano should be harder to kill than the hard drives inside the mini and the full-sized iPods.

You can check out the full article, with all the carnage laid out in explicit detail, over at Ars here. The carnage is part of a review of the nano, the first page of which is here.

What does the nano go through? Well, try dropping out of a car at 30mph. Then 50mph. Then dropping it on the concrete from 9 foot in the air. Then throwing it as high as you can and watching it splat. The nano performs remarkably well, with the display dying but the flash storage still truckin'.

If you hate Apple, you'll enjoy this article. Although, we suppose, if you like kinky Apple rough play, you might enjoy this too.

Enjoyers of iPod destruction can all gather around this thread in the forums.
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