Kogan offers HDTV buyers free HDMI cables

Written by Paul Goodhead

July 5, 2011 | 11:20

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Australian electronics retailer Kogan is calling out the UK’s largest retailers on what it calls ‘the cable con’ by offering free £4 HDMI cables to anyone who buys a HD TV from Currys or John Lewis.

Kogan, which started trading in the UK in January of this year, even says it’ll even pick up the shipping bill for sending the cable direct to your door, so long as customers can send proof of purchase to cablecon@kogan.co.uk.

It’s a bold move by a relatively small player in the market, but we’re inclined to agree with their logic that customers are being ripped off by some of the ridiculously over priced HDMI cables out there.

These stores are trying to trick people into thinking they need an HDMI lead costing over £100’ the company said through its blog.

This is simply not the case. You shouldn't be spending more than £4 on an HDMI cable!

It’s an argument made by tech enthusiasts the world over who, like Kogan, point out that HDMI is ‘a digital cable. You either get a picture or you don't.’ Even a dedicated investigation by our sister publication Expert Reviews failed to find any significant difference between expensive and cheap HDMI cables.

Currys and John Lewis both deny that they are willingly ripping customers off when it comes to HDMI cables, with John Lewis suggesting that they offer a ‘wide range of options’ when it comes to HDMi cables to ensure that customers ‘find one that to suit their specific needs’.

Do you think there is a market for super premium HDMI cables like this beast? How much did you pay for your HDMI cables? L:et us know your experiences in the forums.
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