Asus launches aluminium Eee PC

May 8, 2009 | 15:11

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Asus is continuing its trend of releasing eighty thousand different devices under the 'Eee' brand with a brand-new netbook called the Eee PC 1002HAE.

As reported over on Fudzilla yesterday, the new model – which has yet to be confirmed anywhere outside Japan – is an upgraded Eee PC 1002HA. Where it differs from its predecessor is in the material used for construction: gone is the fingerprint-grabbing gloss plastic, replaced instead with neat and tidy brushed aluminium.

The mini metal marvel is due to launch in Deep Red, Dark Blue, and Metal Grey flavours – sadly there's no silver model mentioned on the Japanese-language product page. The change of material hasn't only affected the aesthetics, either: the new version of the 1002HA has shed a whole 50g over the plastic version.

Other than the outer casing, the 1002HAE is pretty much identical to the 1002HA – although Asus has kindly given the processor a boost, replacing the Atom N270 of the plastic model with the beefier N280. All other specifications remain identical – giving existing 1002HA owners no real reason to upgrade beyond the sheer look of the device.

Launching at ¥49,800 (£333) the asking price isn't too far beyond the existing models in the range – although with no mention of a launch outside Japan, the US and Europe could be lucky to see this model at any price.

Tempted by an aluminium-clad netbook, or should Asus stop with the Eee PC models until it has something truly new to bring to the table? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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