Dell drops Mini 9 range

June 2, 2009 | 13:53

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The days of netbooks being svelte, ultra-portable fashion accessories may be numbered with the news that Dell is to ditch the popular 8.9” Mini 9 range to focus on larger models.

As reported over on CNet, the mass-market box shifter has removed the Mini 9 from its UK website – pointed interested parties in the 10” Mini 10 and Mini 10v ranges instead.

This move to concentrate on a larger form factor as standard – rather than as an additional offering – is echoed across the pond, with Engadget reporting that a Dell customer service representative has confirmed the Mini 9 range as “end of life.”

The move comes as the boundaries between netbooks and notebooks blur: with screen sizes getting ever larger – and some netbooks even going so far as to have integral optical drives – the main reason for their popularity appears to have been forgotten: they're incredibly portable devices for use on-the-go.

Whether this move towards 10” displays – and beyond – represents a maturation of the netbook market or a dilution of its core ideals remains to be seen. One thing is for certain: Dell is putting its money on size selling.

What's the ideal netbook screen size in your opinion? Is there an upper limit, beyond which you'd recommend just shelling out for a real laptop? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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