Dell, HP reducing 10in output

April 2, 2010 | 14:37

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Both HP and Dell are significantly reducing their presence in the 10" netbook market following reports of poor profits from the devices - and possibly preempting the rise of the slate form factor.

According to Digitimes, which quotes its usual anonymous sources in the notebook market, both companies will be producing a lower numbers of 10in netbooks with HP allegedly thinking about ceasing production altogether in favour of almost-as-portable but significantly higher performance 11.6in ultra-slim notebooks running AMD processors.

The main reason for these moves is, apparently, lower than expected profits from sales of netbooks based around Intel's Pine Trail platform - which is to say the vast majority of netbooks currently on the market. With netbooks having been previously considered the next big thing only for many manufacturers to bet on ultra-slim CULV notebooks instead, it could be that the form factor has finally fallen out of favour with the masses.

While lack of profits is certainly a good enough reason to exit a given market, it's also possible that HP and Dell are looking ahead to the next next big thing: with Apple's iPad looming large - and receiving generally positive reviews, could the companies be looking to convert their 10" netbook expertise to the slate form factor?

Do you think that the netbook still has a place in the market, or has it been ousted by ultra-slim notebooks and slate devices? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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