Dell launches hyperbaric laptop

December 1, 2010 | 17:16

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Dell has announced its latest Vostro business-oriented laptop, and it comes with a unique feature: Intel's Hyperbaric Cooling technology.

The first such ultra-slim laptop to feature the cooling system, the Vostro V130 13.3in laptop updates the existing Vostro V13 range - and brings Intel's latest laptop cooling system into play.

Despite the somewhat overblown name, Hyperbaric Cooling is nothing more than a shifting of the fan's location within the body of the laptop: rather than being in the traditional site and sucking hot air away from the processor and other components, the fan instead pulls cool air in and blows it over the heatsinks.

Intel claims that its Hyperbaric Cooling system, one of the company's line of Advanced Cooling Technologies, does a better job of keeping the system chilled under heavy load than a traditional laptop cooling system - but is somewhat reticent to provide firm figures as to how well the technology performs in comparison to the original Vostro V13.

As well as the new cooling system, Dell's Vostro V130 gets an overall refresh, with the option of 802.11n wireless connectivity, an upgrade to Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI output, and a higher-resolution webcam compared to its predecessor.

Sam Burd, vice president of the consumer and SME product group at Dell, claims that 'with the V130, we are adding the functionality customers asked for without sacrificing the beautiful design they fell in love with in the V13,' and believes that the device could challenge Apple's MacBook air for the hearts and minds of the mobile workforce.

Although the company claims worldwide availability of the V130 starting today, Dell's UK website is still listing the older V13 model that lacks Intel's Hyperbaric Cooling technology. US pricing for the V130 is listed at $429 (around £276), while the UK-model Vostro V13 starts at £664 - a significant pricing disparity between the two models.

Do you think that Intel's Hyperbaric Cooling technology sounds like something to get excited about, or is Dell's latest ultra-slim leaving you cold? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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