Jolla Tablet campaign reopens with 64GB model

January 30, 2015 | 11:43

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Despite having blown past its original crowd-funding goal, the open-source Jolla Tablet is back on Indiegogo with the promise of upgraded storage capacity.

Jolla Oy's group of former Nokia staffers launched the Jolla Tablet's crowd-funding campaign back in November last year and blew past its surprisingly modest goal in the first 24 hours. The campaign ended in December with an impressive 480 percent funding as backers bought in to the company's vision of a high-end tablet with a truly open-source operating system, Sailfish OS, nevertheless capable of running applications written for Google's Android platform.

Now, the company is looking for yet more cash and is offering an upgraded table to latecomers. The new model doubles the storage from 32GB to 64GB, with shipments expected to start in May this year. The remainder of the specifications are the same as its predecessor: a quad-core 64-bit Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 7.85" 2,048x1,536 display.

The success of the project, however, has led Jolla to revise its original plans a little. As a result, all Jolla Tablets - including those due to be shipped to backers of the original 32GB version - are to include support for 128GB micro-SD cards, albeit in a format which precludes their use in Windows devices once formatted for the Jolla Tablet, a slightly increased battery size from 4,300mAh to 4,450mAh and a fully-laminated display. Unfortunately, the tweaks have seen one feature being dropped: the tablet will no longer come with a proximity sensor, although will still include electronic compass and gyroscope.

The new perks see the 32GB model on offer for $219 plus $20 shipping, while the 64GB version is $249 plus shipping. Users who had backed the 32GB model prior to the closure of the original crowd-funding campaign can upgrade to the 64GB version for an additional $25 pledge, with around 1,900 backers having taken advantage of the offer at the time of writing.

More details of the campaign, which is currently on its way to $2 million in funding, can be found on Indiegogo.
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