Toshiba recalls burn-hazard Satellites

September 3, 2010 | 09:23

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Toshiba has issued a recall notice for around 41,000 laptops following reports that the area around the power adaptor jack can overheat, and even melt.

The recall, spotted on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission site by CNET, warns that 129 reports have been received of a flaw "overheating and deforming the plastic casing area around the AC adapter plug."

Worryingly, two reports claim "minor burn injuries that did not require medical attention" while another two resulted in "minor property damage" to the area around the laptop.

Somewhat strangely for such a problem, Toshiba has issued a BIOS upgrade that detects if an overheat situation is occurring and disables external power. While this works around the problem, it doesn't fix it, and Toshiba is advising anyone who finds the protection feature kicking in to contact them for a repair under warranty.

Owners of Toshiba Satellite T135, T135D and Satellite Pro T130 laptops with model numbers starting PST3AU, PST3BU, or PST3LU are advised to download and apply the BIOS update as soon as possible. If you're running BIOS version 2.70 for the Satellite T135, 1.90 for the Satellite T135D and 2.70 for the Satellite Pro T130 then the work-around is already applied.

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