Low and Mid-range GeForce 8 cards soon?

Written by Brett Thomas

November 20, 2006 | 17:26

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Rumours are flying around the net detailing the possibility of what's coming next for NVIDIA's GeForce 8 product line. GeForce 8800, codenamed G80, may be getting some little brothers just shortly after the holidays in the form of the G84 and G86, if they hold true...January or February, in fact.

The rumour was first splashed up by the guys over at DigiTimes, who credit the push forward to some weak sales for the GeForce 8800 series. Not that it wasn't an utterly impressive piece of hardware, mind you, had you read Tim's in-depth review.

However, it is a definite possibility that the high price tag and lack of DX10 games in the marketplace yet has caused many gamers to take a pass, even if temporarily. In saying that though, all of the reports we've heard from e-tailors in the UK suggest that GeForce 8800-series cards are selling well.

Of course, the rumour has at least a little substantiation in the fact that NVIDIA's latest Forceware drivers found additional support for the G80_200, G80_400 and G80_600. However, it is unknown which two of these parts are the G84 and G86, particularly since no official information has been released.

As usual, this info came from an anonymous source at an unnamed Taiwanese graphics manufacturer, so take it for what it's worth. NVIDIA has yet to comment on any of the rumour or the parts itself. But, if it does hold true, there should be a nice line-up of DX10 compliant cards available right around Vista's launch.

Are you waiting for a more attractively priced GeForce 8-series card, or are you waiting to see what ATI has up its sleeves?
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