Kingston leaks Clarksdale demo ran DDR3 at 1.35V

October 13, 2009 | 00:13

Tags: #ddr3 #idf #low #voltage

Companies: #intel #kingston

Kingston unveiled today that Intel's Clarksdale IDF demo that showed off a system running at 28W idle and 70W load used specially low voltage 1.35V DDR3, compared to the standard 1.5V, in order to achieve its power goals.

Kingston claimed it is a viable future technology that it is working on (or with, since Kingston is not manufacturing the IC), and not a cheat by Intel.

After reiterating several times today during presentations here in California that Kingston does not talk about any product it doesn't intend to sell, and since this is JEDEC backed and for desktop hardware, not just mobile, this product is likely to be available in some form next year.

Does it also mean more overclocking overhead without heavily overvolting the memory and CPU? We'll see.

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