OCZ launches Blade 2, XTE RAM

November 24, 2010 | 15:07

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OCZ has announced a new design for its RAM heatspreaders, designed to offer improved passive cooling in a lower profile package.

Fitted to the company's new Platinum and Gold Xtreme Thermal Exchange (XTE) memory line, the low-profile anodised aluminium heatspreaders are designed to provide extra overclocking overhead. With the company planning to launch the kits in 1,600MHz, 2,000MHz, and 2,133MHz speeds, every little helps.

Alex Mei, chief marketing officer at OCZ, described the XTE range as 'featuring new compact, yet highly efficient heatspreader designs, these hand-tested kits are the ideal solution for overclockers, gaming, and productivity applications, and are optimized for the latest generation of platforms from Intel and AMD.'

For those with cases that aren't as cramped, OCZ has also announced the Blade 2 RAM modules, featuring a high-performance finned heatsink design and available in 2,133MHz and 2,400MHz speeds. Mei further claimed that 'building on our previous lines of enthusiast overclocking memory, the new XTE and Blade 2 DDR3 memory series are designed to set the benchmark once again and deliver the ultimate in performance and stability'

The design of the heatsinks is certainly attractive, but it remains to be seen if their performance lives up to OCZ's promises. With the company claiming that the modules, which will appear in retail channels soon in 6GB and 4GB kits, are specifically designed to clock to speeds in excess of their rated JEDEC profiles, the company could be on to a winner with its latest creations.

Do you like the look of OCZ's latest heatsinks, or will you wait for a review to see just how overclockable they really are before making a purchase? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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