AMD Project Discovery tablet images leaked

Written by Edward Chester

November 15, 2013 | 14:25

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AMD is set to unveil a new tablet prototype at CES 2014, and has even won an award for it already, according to some leaked images.

Discovered by TechRadar and confirmed by AMD, the images show a fairly standard looking large tablet that's designed to be oriented horizontally, like Microsoft's Surface tablets. However, setting it apart are two docks: one which includes gamepad type controls in a similar vein to the Razer Edge, and another which appears to be some sort of multimedia dock.

The Windows 8 tablet is set to showcase AMD's upcoming mobile APU, codenamed Mullins, which was revealed a few days ago.

The new part, which is claimed to offer 139 percent improvement over AMD's previous mobile part, Temash, will be available in 4.5W quad-core and 2W dual-core parts, and as with all AMD's APUs will emphasise its graphical prowess to tempt OEMs into using it for future designs.

AMD has confirmed it won't actually be entering the tablet market itself, with an AMD spokesperson saying, "AMD does not plan to enter the market with a branded tablet and peripherals at this time." Instead this is a reference design intended inspire OEMs.

AMD Project Discovery tablet images leaked

AMD Project Discovery tablet images leaked

Other confirmed features of the tablet include a DisplayPort 1.2 port for easy connection to most standard displays. It will also support the company's DockPort tech, which is single-cable solution for adding peripherals, monitors and charging the device.

All told, we can't wait to have a play when we're out at the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, CES.
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