bit-tech Android app beta test open

Written by Alex Watson

March 22, 2011 | 11:56

Tags: #android #app #smartphone

Companies: #bit-tech

For the past few months, we've been working on building bit-tech's first smartphone app. While the site renders correctly on many mobile browsers, the width of the design and number of stories means you need to do a lot of zooming to make text readable. Loading all of the full-weight site can be slow on 3G as well, and the forums are very tricky to navigate - unless you're using the Tapatalk app, but then you're not able to easily switch back and forth from the forums to site.

All this, and rising numbers of readers accessing the site with smartphones meant we decided it was time to start looking at making a reader app for the site - especially when a talented Android developer got in touch. He's been working with Jamie and the rest of the bit-tech team to craft the app over the last few months, and we're happy to announce it's now ready for its public beta. We're looking for Android phone users to help us test it, iron out the bugs and add some polish to the overall experience.

The app enables you to easily read both bit-tech and the forums on your phone. You can post to threads, add specific sections to a favourite list to easily follow the news you're most interested in, and we've worked hard to make the interface quick and efficient. To keep data costs and load times down, pictures don't auto-load and the app also supports sharing stories via Facebook, Twitter and email.

If you're interested in taking part in the beta test, you'll need an Android phone and should be willing to provide us feedback and fill in the odd bug report - while we've worked hard to get the app into good shape, it is still beta software. To take part in the beta, just comment on this article and we'll drop you a PM with the details.
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