Motorola boosts XT720 CPU

September 20, 2010 | 10:32

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When Motorola launched the XT720 Android smartphone in the UK, it was thoroughly lambasted for dropping the CPU speed from its designed 720MHz to 550MHz - but has now reversed that decision with a firmware update.

Released late last week, the free update unlocks the full potential of the smartphone's CPU by increasing the clock speed from a somewhat paltry 550MHz to a more acceptable 720MHz.

It's a move that Motorola really had to make: with many new handsets being released with 1GHz or faster processors, a 550MHz chip in even a mid-range handset was a source of embarrassment for the company - and frustration for its users.

As well as unlocking the CPU, the latest firmware also adds support for the Universal Plug and Play-compatible DLNA media sharing system, which means that the XT720 gets the ability to stream audio, video, and photos to and from other DLNA-compatible devices, including Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

To upgrade, either choose System Updates from the About Phone menu of your handset, or visit Motorola's update page and select the XT720.

The update shouldn't wipe any settings on the handset, but it's always a good idea to create a backup before proceeding - and if you're an XT720 owner who decides to take the plunge and upgrade, it would be interesting to hear if the speed boost has any impact on the battery life of your device.

Are you pleased to see that the UK now gets the 'phone that Korea has been enjoying in the Motoroi since launch, or just confused as to why Motorola would change their minds on the CPU speed? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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