Nvidia Shield Tablet leaks ahead of launch

July 18, 2014 | 11:40

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The successor to Nvidia's Project Shield hand-held console has been leaked ahead of launch, and it may prove a disappointment for some: it's a fairly textbook Android-powered tablet.

Rumours that Nvidia was planning a tablet-based successor to its Shield hand-held have been circling for months, and were seemingly confirmed recently when just such a device appeared on the Federal Communication Commission website. Now, the first image purporting to show the device has been leaked by noted industry insider @evleaks.

The image shows a compact tablet featuring what appears to be a pair of front-facing stereo speakers. It's a similar layout to that used by the HTC One family, suggesting that Nvidia may have partnered with HTC on the device's production. Prior leaks had suggested that the tablet will feature a 7.9" display of at least 1,920x1,080 resolution and the ability to stream games content from a laptop or desktop with a recent Nvidia GeForce graphics chip.

Internally, the tablet is claimed to feature Nvidia's latest Tegra K1 system-on-chip processor. This is the first in the Tegra family to feature the same graphics technology as the company's desktop and laptop products, packing 192 Kepler CUDA cores alongside four ARM Cortex-A15 general-purpose processors. That power is tamed by the inclusion of a fifth 'Shadow Core,' a low-power ARM Cortex-A9 chip which takes over during idle periods and allows the bulk of the SoC to switch off entirely.

Nvidia has not commented on the accuracy of the leak, but has been dropping hints that it has something to launch in the near future with a pre-Christmas 2014 unveiling seemingly guaranteed.
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