Dell C1422H is the firm's first portable monitor

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August 23, 2021 | 11:00

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Dell has entered the portable monitor market with the C1422H. The new monitor is claimed to allow users to "experience dual-screen productivity anywhere," and billed as "the ultimate laptop companion". Key features of the C1422H are the 14-inch diagonal size, its slim profile, 1080p resolution, USB-C data/power connectivity, built-in adjustable stand, and 300 nits brightness.

Dual monitor productivity is increasingly common, and something you will miss even more when you go out on the road with your compact laptop. Dell seeks to make this idea as appealingly simple and attractive as possible without losing focus on portability. This portable monitor is attractively thin, with minimal bezels and an overall styling which makes it look like it has been swiped from an XPS laptop.

I think it is time for some specs, to make it clearer whether Dell has a winner here, or not.

  • 14-inch IPS panel with wide viewing angles
  • 1980 x 1080 pixels
  • 60Hz refresh
  • 6ms GtG response time
  • 300nits max brightness
  • 700:1 contrast ratio
  • Power consumption: 6 to 7.5W
  • Connectivity: 2x USB Type-C – power and USB CP Alt mode supported
  • Weight: 600g / 1.3lbs
  • Thickness: 4.95mm
  • Protective sleeve provided (see video)

In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning that the screen has a built-in low blue light filter setting. Its adjustable hinge base, which folds behind it, features one of the USB-C ports on either side as well as buttons for power and brightness. So you can get your setup just right, the base allows you to continuously adjust the standing screen angle between 0 and 90 degrees (straight upright).

So, the Dell C1422H looks quite useful for productivity work on dual screens, but compared to rival devices from the likes of Asus and AOC is a bit on the pricey side. It will be going on sale globally at the end of the month, but we already have US pricing: $349. The price includes a good level of service, though. Thanks to its three-year advanced exchange service level, Dell will ship you a new monitor next-day if you encounter a defect, and this applies for the duration of the warranty.

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