LED backlighting to dominate 2010

January 27, 2010 | 10:13

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If you're convinced of the benefits gained from switching from CCFL backlighting to LED in your LCD displays, good news: the market agrees with you.

A newly-published report from market watcher DisplaySearch - reported over on DailyTech - claims that in 2010 around 84 percent of all notebooks sold will use LED (Light Emitting Diodes) backlighting for their screens rather than the more traditional CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting) - rising to 95 percent in 2011.

The reasons for such impressive market gains for a technology which was traditionally used to differentiate high-end devices from the more budget brands? Battery life. As well as providing a theoretically smoother image than CCFL, LED backlighting also draws less power - helping laptops achieve longer runtimes, which is an important selling point in the portable market.

It's not just low-power devices that are latching on to LED-based backlighting, however: DisplaySearch also claims that by 2013 around 74 percent of all displays of 10" or bigger will use LED backlighting - with the earliest adopters of the technology being TV manufacturers making sets of 26 inches or less.

Kevin Kwak, DisplaySearch's director of LED backlight research - so theoretically a man who should know what he's talking about - claims that "without a doubt, LED backlights will be the dominant light source in all [display] applications in 2011 - representing a significant business and technology evolution for the entirebacklight and panel supply chain."

Despite some doubts as to the advantages that can be gained from cheaper implementations of LED backlighting technology - along with worries that the technology can be used to mis-brand and mislead consumers - it looks like LED is here to stay.

Do you agree with DisplaySearch, or do you think that CCFL will hang on to a big chunk of the budget end of the market for quite some time yet? Have you made the switch to an LED backlit display, and if so what are your experiences of the technology? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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