Nvidia G-Sync monitor up for pre-order

Written by Edward Chester

December 16, 2013 | 15:45

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Scan has just made available for pre-order Asus VG248QE monitors that include Nvidia G-Sync technology.

G-Sync is Nvidia's new monitor technology that aims to eliminate image-tear and stutter, the undesirable image artefacts that occur due to the frames being delivered by a graphics card being out of sync with a monitor's fixed 60Hz refresh rate.

It does this by using a custom controller embedded in the monitor which actually adjusts the monitor's refresh rate in accordance with the performance of your graphics card. It's a similar principle to V-Sync (which locks the graphics card output to 60Hz maximum to eliminate tearing) but also does this at below the monitor's normal refresh rate.

The G-Sync module is actually a drop in replacement for the standard control used on most monitors so it can be retrofitted to several models already available. Indeed there is talk of Nvidia selling the modules separately for users to upgrade themselves.

However, for the initial launch Nvidia has partnered with Asus, with G-Sync enabled versions of the Asus VG248QE the first to come to market.

Priced at £441.41, the G-Sync version is some £160 more expensive than the standard VG248QE, but that's the price you pay for brand new technology. The monitor is a 24in model that uses a 144Hz panel and is Nvidia 3D Vision enabled.

Although already listed for pre-order there is no firm date on when the monitor will ship.

Link: Scan
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