Asus has AMD Fusion mini-ITX in development

August 12, 2010 | 11:23

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Just a quick titbit for small form factor lovers: in our meeting today with Asus, the company revealed that it's designing a mini-ITX board (which will probably be home theatre-orientated) with AMD's first low-power Fusion chip, Ontario.

We previously reported on leaked data that the upcoming AMD APU's performance equates to roughly that of an Athlon II X2 250U, but with a DirectX 11 graphics chip built in and all in just ~18W TDP. When we asked Asus about performance, the team refused to provide any details on the subject.

If Ontario does provide a low-power CPU that offers decent performance and actual graphics horsepower, we'll finally have an Intel Atom and Nvidia Ion alternative in the mini-ITX market. This could make SFF PC market exceptionally interesting, and open up a whole new opportunity for home-theatre machines – depending, of course, on the price. We asked Asus about the possibility of Eee PC HTPCs, and the company explained that it was still early days and it was evaluating all opportunities.

Are you interested in an AMD Fusion mini-ITX board? What features would you like to see on it? Let us know your thoughts in the forums!
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