Asus launches dual socket AMD G34 motherboard

April 8, 2010 | 14:14

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Hot on the heels of the AMD Opteron 6174 12-core CPU review we published last week, Asus has annouced one of the first motherboards that can actually use it - the KGPR-D16.

While not a huge, quad socket beast, this dual socket LGA1944 motherboard is still capable of handling 24-cores and a whopping 256GB of registered DDR3 memory in the 16 DIMM sockets.

The CPU sockets each have six phase power and there are three phases for the memory slots too. OK, that's nothing compared to overclocker-y motherboards, but enough for 24/7 a reliable 24/7 operation.

To complement the AMD hardware, including AMD SR5690 and AMD SP5100 chipsets, are five PCI-Express slots, one PCI slot and an Asus "PIKE" optional storage slot for a range of SATA/SAS upgrades. That's in addition to the 14 SATA/SAS sockets already on the board!

This is little more than geek porn for most of us, but still it's good to see AMD's latest Opterons supported by the industry.

Are you lucky enough to be given the budget for a new (rackmount) server? Will you be considering G34 Opterons or going the Intel route? If you find any other G34 motherboards also let us know in the forums.
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