EVGA previews LGA2011 motherboard

Written by Clive Webster

July 21, 2011 | 12:55

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EVGA has posted an image of one of its forthcoming Intel LGA2011 motherboards on its forums, and it looks like the new socket, X79 chipset and CPUs could have enthusiasts grabbing for their wallets.

From the photo (click the image on the right for a larger version), we can see a few details of the board design, from the quad-channel memory that bestrides the CPU socket to the two clamp-down levers that push the CPU on to the contact pins and hold it securely.

Oddly, both levers are labelled ‘1’, but we expect that this is a typo, as the board is described as being ‘preliminary.’

Interestingly, towards the left of the teaser image, you’ll see that the 24-pin ATX power connector appears to be bent at a right angle via riser connections, rather than being situated perpendicular to the board.

Previously we’ve been told (by engineers at Asus, no less) that it was impractical to do this, as the connections need to very robust to handle the power travelling along them. However, it seems that EVGA has solved this problem. Indeed EVGA’s JacobF later confirms on the forum that ‘Yes, right angled 24pins is in!’ in a later post.

He also says that the board will have some features similar to those found on previous EVGA boards, as well as plenty of new ones. For example, he says the board above uses 100 per cent poscaps; very efficient and small capacitors that lie flat with the PCB. He also says that the board is ‘a bit over ATX size.

There is a concern with the LGA2011 system design, though, which is the placement of memory on both sides of the CPU socket, which could lead to clashes between memory modules and large CPU coolers. Those with water-cooling systems that wish to actively cool their memory will also have to either use two memory fan modules or get creative.

Of course, we'll still have to wait to see how an LGA2011 system perform, or how much it will cost, but in the meantime you can check out the Intel X79 chipset specs. Alternatively, feel free to debate whether LGA2011 is overkill or drool-worthy in the forums.
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