Intel's Lynnfield will hit upwards of 2.3GHz DDR3

July 22, 2009 | 15:29

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After having a quick play with an early sample motherboard using Intel's latest P55 chipset, we decided to have a play with DDR3 clocking and came to an interesting surprise - it'll easily hit upwards of 2.3GHz!

We used two sticks of 2GB OCZ Blade 2,000MHz CL8 DDR3, set at CL9 and 1.5V, and clocked the beans out of both our Intel Lynnfield CPU (that's retail spec, but engineering sample still) and this Elipa Hyper IC memory to reach 2.35GHz. We increased the core voltage quite considerably as it was the only option available in the early BIOS, assuming that this included the uncore voltage that contains the integrated memory controller.

However, on further questioning the gurus at Taiwan, it was claimed that there is no uncore voltage option available for Lynnfield. We are still trying to ascertain whether this is unique to its early BIOS and can be fixed in future updates, or whether it's unique to its boards (we find that unlikely), but it would be strange not to be able to increase the voltage since some has to be applied anyway.

As it stands now, the performance margin is certainly impressive, but more extreme overclockers might be disappointed if things stay the same.

Anyway, if the retail CPUs can clock this good - we're going to need some Elipa Hyper replacements pretty darn quick! Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Intel's Lynnfield will hit upwards of 2.3GHz DDR3

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