Intel backtracks on USB 3

September 7, 2010 | 11:44

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Intel is set to announce a change of heart at its IDF in just a few weeks time, as it will instead adopt USB 3 in its upcoming Sandy Bridge chipsets.

It appears to be a last minute change due to industry pressure from AMD, which will have USB 3 in its upcoming Fuzion chipsets, thanks to a cooperation with Renesas - the maker of all NEC-branded USB 3 chips used on motherboards to date.

Many motherboard manufacturers already have board designs including third-party NEC and possibly VIA USB 3 chipsets, claims the report in Chinatimes (via Yahoo news in Taiwan, so grab a translator), so these companies will have to decide whether they have time to redesign their motherboards to use the integrated USB3 from Intel's chipset instead.

So far, the report states the change affects Intel 'Cougar Point' chipsets, but it is currently not more specific in terms of which chipsets have changed and how many ports are being provided.

To date Intel has previously been betting on its Light Peak technology as a faster alternative to USB 3, however that's still a way off and the weight of industry adoption already behind USB 3 is claimed to have caused the turn around in attitude.

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