MSI teases mini-ITX gaming gear

November 22, 2013 | 11:08

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MSI has teased two new entries to its Gaming Series range, a mini-ITX motherboard with integrated Wi-Fi and a matching dual-slot graphics card for gamers looking at a compact build.

Interestingly timed, given Valve's beta test of compact PC-based Steam Box consoles and its plans for hardware partners to launch their own variants early next year, MSI isn't giving away too much in terms of specs or features but has posted a single teaser image to its Facebook page with the promise that a launch is 'very close.'

The picture shows a pair of devices, finished in the familiar red and black of MSI's gaming range. The unnamed mini-ITX motherboard, which appears to be an Intel LGA 1150 socket, includes five SATA ports, two DIMM slots and a single 16-lane PCI Express slot for an add-on graphics card. Additional features include a dual-antenna Wi-Fi board fitted to an on-board mini-PCIe adapter, what appears to be both optical and analogue audio outputs connected to an MSI Audio Boost system, and super ferrite choke (SFC) components next to the CPU socket.

The board is to be joined by a matching dual-slot, single-fan gaming graphics card designed to fit perfectly in compact mini-ITX cases. Featuring a single fan which vents air through the top and bottom of the card as well as pushing as much as possible out through the back of the case, the unnamed graphics card includes connectors for multi-GPU rigs - although, obviously, that's not going to be an option when paired with the single-slot motherboard. The card includes a single eight-pin PCIe power connector, suggesting a reasonably high-end GPU - likely, given the design of MSI's existing product ranges and the visible connections on the card, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760.

'We’re very close to expanding out [our] Gaming family with two new members, a mini-ITX Gaming motherboard and mini-ITX Gaming graphics card,' the company posted by way of explanation. Sadly, it has so far refused to be drawn on formal specifications, pricing or availability.
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