Movement tracking LCD developed

Written by Phil Cogar

August 8, 2007 | 10:05

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An LCD screen that will track a user's movements and then make adjustments accordingly to give an optimal picture has been developed by researchers at a Taiwanese university.

The display uses a miniature camera to track the user's position and then will adjust the orientation of the liquid crystals and supply voltage of LEDs in the display. The claimed results are sharper and clearer images when viewing the screen from various angles.

Infra-red sensors that track eye movements of users are being developed as an improvement to the original design.

With further development of either could have a great impact on the LCD market and help improve the displays of portable devices.

This could be a great step indeed if the displays are put into use in laptops or mobile phones. A wider viewing angle could allow a user to work from their laptop in a variety of positions that are sometimes impossible or just a complete pain with some current displays.

What if more then one person is looking at the display at the same time? Is the display capable of adjusting for multiple users or is it just a single user application for now? These questions are currently unanswered but hopefully we'll hear more about this development shortly.

If this is just a one person application, then it could benefit lots of you out there just as well. Imagine just what you could get away with at work if your display adjusted itself to only be visible to you. You could view bit-tech and all of your other favourite sites to your heart's content. As long as they don't monitor your web browsing, that is.

Hey, at least there's still Solitaire.

Would a laptop, mobile phone, or even a desktop display be more usable if it could adjust itself to give you a great picture no matter what angle you looked at it from? Let us know down in the comments or over in the forums.
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