MS snaps up FolderShare for Windows Live

Written by Wil Harris

November 6, 2005 | 11:44

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bit-tech reader, MrWillyWonka, writes:

Usually it is Google buying up other firms such as Blogger and Picasa. For once it is Microsoft buying out a firm. With the announcement of the Microsoft Live comes FolderShare, software which allows users to automatically synchronise files between multiple devices, without having to manually uploading multiple times.

This service, as part of Windows Live will allow your personal page to be connected to what matters to you the most. The software is free, so we do expect the software to be freely available to everybody on Windows Live.

Microsoft appears to be making an effort to make Windows Live accessible to a wide range of people. FolderShare will work with Mac computers when an update is released in just a few days, and we reported earlier that Live is being planned to work with FireFox. FolderShare itself works in FireFox.

The software is simple to install, and signup involves just a few clicks. Currently, it seems that FolderShare isn't associated with the Windows Live site. FolderShare is based in a web browser but you need the software installed on both computers.

Media-Streams, a VoIP firm, has also been bought out by Microsoft to provide a VoIP service to Windows Live. VoIP will also be available for use with the Microsoft Office system with the Office Live service.

It looks as if Microsoft has exciting things in store for us in Windows Live, and it is likely that other firms will be bought out in order to get Windows Live up and running quickly. This could be one true communications portal, accessible anywhere on the planet.

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