MSI launches motherboard with DTS audio

Written by Wil Harris

August 5, 2005 | 07:23

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MSI have introduced the new 945P Platinum motherboard, which sports some quality little touches.

Obviously, with the 945P chipset, you can expect support for Intel's spangly range of dual core chips. There's also a new revision of MSI's Dynamic Overclocking Technology, as well as support for DDR2 667 memory and 1066FSB chips.

(And since this isn't Nforce 4, you'll get support for the 2.8 GHz chip too!)

However, undoubtedly the most interesting thing about this board is the support that MSI have included for DTS audio. If you're a cinema buff, you'll already know that DTS is better than Dolby Digital when it comes to surround sound - the sound data is less compressed, leading to a cleaner sound.

It is also argued that the DTS sound engineers take greater care when working on the positional audio for DTS DVDs - if you compare Dolby Digital back to back with DTS using the same film, the difference is often substantial.

This board uses an AC97 codec (although we're not sure from who, yet) to upmix standard audio to DTS, or to just play back regular DTS content. MSI are touting this as a step up from the Azalia HD audio found on many new high-end Intel boards.

We'll let you know just exactly what we think of this DTS feature as soon as we have our hands on a board. At any rate, this could make for a great Media Centre PC!

Do you think DTS is overrated, or does this board really get your eardrums excited? Let us know your thoughts!
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