MSI K8Nes new nForce 410 boards

Written by Wil Harris

September 23, 2005 | 17:32

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MSI have upgraded their motherboard line with a new range of nForce boards, which sport the K8N moniker.

Pictured is the K8NGM2-ILD. This is a Micro ATX board which is designed for home theatre PCs. It sports the nForce 430 chipset and GeForce 6100 integrated graphics, along with a DVI connector on the back panel for hooking up to a flat panel display in your living room. It also has a passively cooled north and southbridge, allowing you to keep noise to a minimum!

Also in the range is the K8NGMV-2, which is a rather similar board, but supporting Sempron on Socket 754 rather than Athlon 64 on Socket 939. Paired with the nForce 410 chipset, it also has a couple less SATA ports.

Rounding out the new range is the updated K8N Diamond board, which now is equipped with a pair of x16 PCI Express slots for the fastest SLI performance possible. It also has dual gigabit LAN and Soundblaster audio onboard.

All in all, a strong showing of new products from MSI - you can bet that we'll be kicking them through our test platforms as soon as we can mount a raid on the MSI warehouse.

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