MSI P965 Platinum features Crossfire support

Written by Brett Thomas

September 19, 2006 | 18:53

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Here's a short bit for those of you interested in Multi-GPU setups:

We received a press release today detailing the release of MSI's new P965 Platinum motherboard, which is the first board based on Intel's 965 chipset to support ATI's Crossfire technology.

This may not seem like such a big deal, as the 975X chipset supported Crossfire natively. However, the 965 has helped bring costs down a bit from the original 975X offerings while raising the bar a little in performance - without sacrificing too much in the way of other technology. The 965 chipset is the first one developed around Conroe, instead of just supporting it. However, the loss of multi-GPU support was one of two major shifts, the other being the loss of native IDE support.

Now, it appears that fans of the 965 can have their cake and eat it, too as MSI has found a way to implement Crossfire on the newer chipset. The MSI P965 Platinum sports two PCI-E 16x slots, two PCI-E 1x, and two PCI slots as well as the usual array of SATA ports found on 965 boards.

From the press release:
"MSI P965 Platinum was considered for the multi-GPU support initially in design process, and therefore equipped with 2 PCI Express x16 slots. MSI now make a breakthrough on the P965 platform to directly support ATI CrossFire mode with the latest ATI CrossFire Ready Radeon X1K graphics, once again MSI goes a step further to enhance the most desirable 3D performance demands from gamers, and becomes the first P965 chipset based motherboard to support ATI CrossFire!"

We look forward to getting this one in our labs soon, so we can see how it measures up against its older brother, the 975X!

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