MSI shows E8500 Wolfdale overclocking

January 17, 2008 | 16:06

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Another day, another press release, but sometimes it pays to look more closely: we got word on MSI's P35-Neo3 motherboard which is kitted with a new EFI BIOS. However, that wasn't the only interesting thing because we noticed that there was also some Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 45nm "Wolfdale" overclocking thrown in for good measure.

While MSI's crack team of overclockers didn't strive for a maximum CPU frequency, they did show off a very impressive 548MHz front side bus from this next generation CPU - all with an operating voltage of just 1.225V.

A massive overclock from just an £80, P35 motherboard? Yes please!

We've found most P35 boards call it a day at around 500MHz FSB with current 65nm Core 2 Duo CPUs, so nearly attaining 550MHz certainly whets our appetite for some 45nm E8000-series action (on an MSI-EFI board... obviously).

We looked at EFI back at the Fall IDF in 2006, and at IDF last Spring as well where we also saw it working on yet another MSI board. One could say that MSI is very keen to join with Intel and push this technology.

So, what's the problem? Apple has used EFI in its PCs for quite some, but Microsoft still hasn't included support, even in the latest 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. We'll have to wait until Service Pack 1 until we can use boards equipped with EFI BIOSs, but unless there's a way to flick between new and old BIOSs types for home users, it might only be OEMs such as Dell or HP that take up this new boot option simply because they can bundle a PC with Vista-SP1 pre-installed.

EFI enables many new features because it allows BIOS developers to use a higher level coding language - this is more accessible to more people. The new features include cool things like extra programmes and better overclocking features but also more fundamental stuff like a great variety of colours and being able to use a mouse!

Looking forward to some Intel 45nm overclocking or EFI? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.

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