iPod nano cordless headphones

Written by Geoff Richards

December 22, 2005 | 05:50

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This is one of those products that is so obviously a good idea, you wonder why someone didn't think of it before now. Aside from the fact the iPod nano has only been out for three months. In any case, these are dead cool.

Anyone lucky enough to find an iPod nano under the Christmas tree on Sunday morning, or indeed anyone who has already splashed out on Apple's diminutive MP3 player, should listen up.

Macally, who has been making Mac-related peripherals for 30 years, have developed a genius set of headphones that features a fully integrated iPod nano dock. You simply slot in your nano and enjoy your music on the go, free from the tangle of the usual headphone cables.

Regular wireless headphones transmit from a base station and have a limited range. They can also be hampered by battery life, interference and dodgy sound quality.

The Macally mTUNE-N cordless stereo headset suffers from none of these issues. It requires no batteries, and the sound is crystal clear because the signal is not being transmitted anywhere - you are physically interfaced with the audio source. They also support a standard 3.5mm jack input, so you can use them for your computer or other audio sources when you're not 'unplugged' and on the move - a nice touch to broaden their appeal.

The headset weighs 173g, though this presumably does not include the 43g nano. If you are concerned that it might feel a little lopsided, remember that an iPod nano weighs less than two AA batteries. The mounting also ensures that the centre of gravity is very close to your head, so it's not likely to be an issue.

You can access the regular nano click-wheel through a strategically placed hole in the side of the headphone casing, though if you need to view the screen while you browse tracks, you will need to remove the headset briefly. For many people, this will still be preferable than being tangled up in a mess of wires for lapel remote controls and wired headphones.

A pair of mTUNE-N cans will retail for US$49.99 when they are released, though the only information we have from Macally is that they are "coming soon".

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