Multi-GPU World Tour Continues at Bjorn3D

Written by Tim Smalley

July 16, 2006 | 18:01

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The third part of the Multi-GPU World Tour 2006 has been posted on Bjorn3D today. They go into detail on the motherboard and CPU choices made by the team of websites.

You can find that article here. Here's a quote:

"Availability is important. It doesn’t matter if a solution is fast and furious; if you cannot find it in retail then who cares? This is an area where NVIDIA has an edge. You can find a wide selection of nForce4 motherboards practically everywhere. nForce 5 motherboards also started to appear in retail days before the official announcement.

ATI has had it a bit rough in this area. The first Crossfire motherboards got delayed and delayed and even more delayed. It has however been easier to get hold of the newer Xpress 1600 and Xpress 3200 motherboards since ATI finally got big board makers like ASUS, Abit, DFI and MSI on-board. The new Crossfire AM2 again however still is almost impossible to get hold of. Right now if you want to build an AM2 Multi-GPU solution, NVIDIA is basically the only choice.

If you've not checked out the articles by Penstar Systems and ourselves, be sure to give them a read first.

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