Nano scratches and iPod pr0n

Written by Jason Cundall

October 24, 2005 | 13:23

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Apple maintains that the scratches that some people are experiencing on their Nano's isn't a defect, and that 'less than half of one percent' of customers have complained. Well, someone in that 'less than half of one percent' is suing Cupertino over the Nano's durability, or lack of:

"Apple is facing legal action from an aggrieved American consumer over alleged problems with the iPod Nano. The lawsuit alleges that Apple launched the music player despite knowing its design would limit its life.

The legal action follows a rash of complaints from iPod Nano users who reported cracked and scratched screens. Apple said a bad batch of Nanos had caused those problems and denied the device was more likely to scratch than other models of the popular player.

Commenting on the lawsuit, Apple said: "We do not comment on pending litigation." "

More from the BBC here.

No comment, says Steveo's legal beagles. But will they have anything to say over what the killer app for the new video iPod may be: Porn?

"Independently produced content made for Apple's new video iPod is beginning to appear online--and as with any new technology, it may be sex that sells first.

Pin-up site Suicide Girls said Thursday that it had launched a new, free feature: downloadable videos of interviews and photo shots with its models, all configured for the video-capable iPod. At least one unambiguously adult site,, has also released content for the device.

Apple unveiled the video-enabled iPod last week, along with a new version of the iTunes music store that sells music videos, some short films and episodes from five TV shows, for $1.99 each."

More from here.

Not new - we've already had the Playstation Pornable - but this is where the iPod scores one over Sony's offering. It's a lot easier to use one handed...

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